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A Real Romantic

A couple was last minute shopping on Christmas Eve and the whole place was heaving, packed with other last minute shoppers.

Walking through the shopping center the wife looked up from a window display and noticed her husband was nowhere to be seen. She knew they had lots still to do and she became very upset.

She rummaged in her handbag and found her mobile phone, then used it to call her husband to ask him where he was.

The husband in a calm voice replied: “Darling, you remember the jewellery shop we went into five years ago, where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we could not afford and I told you that one day I would get it for you?” His wife’s eyes filled with tears of emotion, she began to cry softly and stifling a sob she whispered:”Yes,­ I remember that jewellery shop””Well,” he said, “I’m in the pub next to it”
kids that think they found the easter bunny and hes laying chocolate eggs

Easter Jokes

A few Easter one-liners for evey one today.

kids that think they found the easter bunny and hes laying chocolate eggs
Why did the easter egg hide?
He was a little chicken!

Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke?
It might crack up!

How did the Easter Bunny rate the Easter parade?
He said it was eggs-cellent!

What’s the best way to send a letter to the Easter Bunny?
Hare mail!

What is the Easter Bunny’s favourite state capital?
Albunny, New York!

What did the rabbit say to the carrot before he left?
It’s been nice gnawing you!

How does a rabbit keep his fur looking good?
With hare spray!

Where does the Easter Bunny go when he needs a new tail?
To a re-tail store!

What would you get if you crossed the Easter Bunny with an overstressed person?
An Easter basket case!