Old but Shockingly Funny

An older couple was out for a Sunday drive and they decided to go to the town where they had first met.

After they had eaten a wonderful lunch at a nice little dinner bordering an open field, the husband says to his wife “Hey, do you remember that long fence at the other side of the filed?” His wife goes “Why, yes Marvin, of course! That’s where we first made love on a warm spring afternoon.” Marvin gets a sly smile on his face and says to his wife,  “Well, how about we go relive that again, eh?”.

His wife, with a big grin agrees. The young man that was serving them over hears the whole thing, and seeing an opportunity for a YouTube video follows them out.

The old couple gets to the fence, get naked and then start rocking and bucking like they’re 16 years old! The young guy watches the whole thing is disbelief until they finally collapse off the fence, sweaty and breathing hard. Startling the old couple the young man speaks up and asks them in amazement ” Wow! How the did two old-timers like you keep that much stamina?!”. The old man, who is still kinda dazed, stands up and says “Well lets put it this way kid, 60 years ago, the damn fence wasn’t electrified!”