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How many women can you marry?

Two younger boys were sitting on a bench watching the grown-ups dance at a wedding reception, when the younger of the two boys, deep in thought, asks the other boy, “How many women can a man marry?” Right away the other boy answers, “Sixteen.”
“Sixteen!? Wow, how do you know that?” the younger boy asks.

“Didn’t you hear the preacher when he was talking? All you have to do is add it up,” the older boy says.

“Four better, Four worse, Four richer, Four poorer.”

Wedding Nightmares

Need a change of scenery?

Junior had just received his brand new drivers license. To celebrate, the whole family trooped out to the driveway and climbed into the car for his inaugural drive.

Dad immediately headed to the back seat, directly behind the newly minted driver. “I’ll bet you’re back there to get a change of scenery after all those months of sitting in the front passenger seat teaching me how to drive,” said the beaming boy to his old man.

“Nope,” came dad’s reply, “I’m gonna sit back here and kick the back of your seat while you drive, just like you have been doing to me for sixteen years.”