The 4 Part Story

Jerry: “I’m gonna tell you a story with 4 parts. Remember that, 4 parts!”

Alex: “Alright..”

Jerry: “Okkay, I’m gonna start with part 1.”

There was a husband and a wife, they were driving to go camping when they came upon a fork in the road. The husband says “I’m going to take the left one.” The wife says “I think we should go right.”

Then the husband slaps the wife across the face ” who’s driving, me or you?!” and they go left.”

Alex: “Ohhhhh Damn!”

Jerry: “Now i’m gonna tell you part 2…”

Once they get to the campsite the husband goes fishing so his wife can cook their dinner. He comes back with a few fish and the wife says “good now I can cook fish soup for dinner!”

The husband says “But I wanna eat fried fish!” The wife slaps the husband across the face and says “Who’s cooking me or you?!” and they end up with fish soup.

Alex: “Ewwww Fish soup!? hahaha”

Jerry: “Now I’m gonna tell you part 4-”

Alex: “What about part 3?!”

Jerry slaps Alex across the face: “Who’s telling the story me or you?”